An example of networking: this website was created to show the power of networking; it was an additional tool for a seminar with Year 3 Education Studies students.

Digifest Diary

As an intern I had the opportunity to attend the ‘Jisc Digifest 2017 Event’ which celebrated the power of digitalisation. I attended this event with two other interns and we all had the opportunity to hear how the power of digital technology has the potential to transform and revolutionise learning and teaching. Initially I felt … Continue reading Digifest Diary

Student as Researchers

Week One Meeting the Second Years 24th February 2017 After a project meeting it was mutually decided for us interns to go and meet the second year students who would be taking part in the Interactive Essay assessment and therefore subjects of this research project.  On entering the classroom my first impression was wow what … Continue reading Student as Researchers