Aims of this Resource

Highlight the importance of networking.

Provide encouragement and support to generate networks across individual areas of interest.

Highlight the issues associated with networking.

Provide examples of networking.

Ultimately, this resource will guide and support you through the networking aspect of your Interactive Essay.

What is Networking?

  • An online network is your personal learning network.
  • The network may consist of educators, professionals, academics or students.
  • People will communicate, experience and learn through the sharing of your interactive essay.

The Value of Networking

Networking has the possibility to transform how YOU as students learn and receive feedback, thus impacting on the overall assessment of an assignment. It is hoped that networking will encourage you to generate networks across areas of interest, which will help to develop skill levels and prepare you for future employment.

Networking may provide you all with feedback and ideas from topic experts, professionals and fellow students. This means you can become engaged in creating your own learning networks so a more meaningful understanding will transpire.

YOU are at the centre of the learning experience, rather than the tutor and the institution, therefore you have the opportunity to break free from traditional out-dated written essay.


Two key points are taken from this video:

Are we safe sharing?

When creating an online platform (blog/website/Youtube video), keep your comments on a restricted setting where you will be able to approve all comments which have been submitted. This way you won’t get inappropriate comments appearing on your post as you get to choose what comments you want visible and delete the ones which are irrelevant. Keyboard warriors – You are susceptible to have these on your post. Don’t worry – this is why you have the option to approve comments

Ideas take life when they are shared

This is YOUR interactive essay and YOUR opportunity to transform the traditional essay. What knowledge and feedback will be created in the network you create for your interactive essay? 




Interactive Essay incorporating Networking: Interactive Essay (Click)

This essay was on the topic of Primary School and technology. The comments received were from teachers, students, parents and academics.

A blog created to highlight the power of networking: The Power of Networking (click)

An example of the comments you could receive if you create a successful network; teachers, students, academics, professionals and possibly authors. The knowledge gained from one of these comments was then implemented into a seminar with Education Studies students.

Issues associated with Networking

“I wanted to add my experience from sharing a blog created for as an aid for the year 3 seminar; it was thrown together quickly, to demonstrate the power of networking. When I initially shared the website, I added a brief description of the overall purpose; this is so people knew what comments/ feedback I was hoping to gain. This worked brilliantly, however, someone then shared it without my brief description. This resulted in unnecessary criticism regarding the overall layout of the website. A learning curve for me- not everyone is going to be nice, therefore criticism has to be expected.”

  • Be sure people know WHY and WHAT it is you are wanting comments on.
  • Do you want your interactive essay critiqued as a tutor would?
  • Do you want comments on the topic in order to create a discussion?

If people do not understand what it is you are wanting them to comment on then you will not receive the feedback you want and need.

Ideas for Networking Spaces

Think broadly about all your experiences; including summer jobs, previous employment, friends, unpaid internships, volunteer work. Networking doesn’t mean reaching out to cold strangers. Start building your network by connecting to people you know and trust. Networking isn’t just about who you know; its about who knows you.

The space you choose is an individual choice, however, select the platform you think is most appropriate to the topic you have based your interactive essay on. 


If you choose Facebook or Twitter, remember to portray yourself in a professional manner. Ensure you check your profile and privacy settings. Facebook has lots of groups; it is worth searching for a relevant group around your topic selection to promote your interactive essay. Twitter is incredibly useful for finding the appropriate people for your subject area, simply tag and share your interactive essay.

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool; it is one of the most powerful blogging and website systems available.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Wordpres provides you with the option to remain. anonymous. If I can use WordPress, anyone can! It is incredibly simple with step by step instructions to guide you through the process.

LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking site. Its main purpose is to help people network professionally. It is a great way to find and connect with professionals either locally or internationally that may be able to provide feedback on your interactive assignment. Furthermore, it is a great way to meet new professionals and join groups based on your interests or current profession and start participating. Other group members may like what they see and want to connect with you.

 Blog about what you know. LinkedIn’s very own publishing platform, PULSE allows users to publish blog posts and gain the opportunity to have their content read by thousands. Published posts will also show up on your profile, which will increase your credibility in related fields that are relevant to your professional experience.

Remember, using LinkedIn means your identity will not remain private.