Week One Meeting the Second Years

24th February 2017

After a project meeting it was mutually decided for us interns to go and meet the second year students who would be taking part in the Interactive Essay assessment and therefore subjects of this research project. 

On entering the classroom my first impression was wow what a huge group!  It was slightly intimidating not only that there was so many of them; that considering our (well definitely mine) enthusiasm for this project and to be working with the second year students, it was clear at this stage the feeling was not mutual.  This analysis was based on firstly, the lack of eye contact most of the second years engaged in with myself and the other interns and secondly, the fact that a few even engaged in personal conversations (that were clearly unconnected) whist the project leader attempted to explain to them the purpose of our visit.

I am wondering if the students did not have a full understanding of the purpose or connection to their involvement in the interactive essay assessment and to us interns being there.  This could maybe be addressed in the next meeting? 

I am also wondering if where we stood ( at the front, the fact we were standing up) and they were all sat down may have contributed to the lack of engagement?

I suggest that the students are given a clear purpose of us (the interns) being there.  Supplying that information in advance may allow for time for any questions to be considered and developed.

I am hoping things go better and the students engage next week.  I will certainly attempt to incorporate activities within the session that will encourage interaction and engagement.

Karen McErlean



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